It is the 27th of May 2017


El-Erian: "All This Could Lead To Some Unpleasant Market Outcomes"

Stability breeds instability – this was economist Hyman Minsky‘s lasting contribution to the craft.  The Minsky Moment , popularized during the 07-09 US housing crisis, basically suggests breeding animal spirits too long creates systemic problems. Essentially, the ongoing rises in asset prices creates the sense of a new paradigm, that the elevated activity was safe, and home prices couldn’t fall.. that didn't end well.

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How To Mismanage The Turkish Economy, By President Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan came away from April 16th’s referendum with a narrow, if not questionable, win. As a result of the vote, Turkey’s constitution will be amended to allow the President of the Republic to amass considerably more power. For Erdogan, this means that, among other things, he could stay on the throne until 2029. If that weren’t enough, he will not face much in the way of checks and balances.  Indeed, he will have the authority to pick judges and ministers and to appoint the heads of the military and intelligence agencies, university rectors and senior bureaucrats. Further, he gains the power to issue laws by decree with very little oversight.

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