It is the 26th of June 2017


Trump Turmoil Trounces Bullard Bullshit As Dollar Dives To 6-Month Lows

As President Trump jets towards The Middle East leaving behind him a wake of headlines from the mainstream media, we suspect this will help him sleep...

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Dollar Slumps To 6-Month Lows As Stocks Do Something They Haven't Done Since 1969

Anyone get the feeling we are at 45 seconds into this clip?

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Equity Traders 'Buy The F**king Comey Dip' As Treasury 'VIX' Tumbles

Even a so-called "constitutional crisis" can't derail this market...

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Calmest Market In 75 Years Hits Record Highs - Ignores Dismal Data, Commodity Carnage

Massive liquidity issues in China wealth product liquidation, commodities crashing, oil plunging, US macro data disappointments, US earnings disappointments, and Buffett dumping Big Blue - only makes sense that The Dow just had its quietest 8 days since 1952!!!

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