It is the 26th of June 2017


Pelosi Was Just Confused Last Week; She's Now In Favor Of "Clean Debt Ceiling Increase"

Last Friday at her weekly press briefing, Nancy Pelosi caught a lot of folks, including us, off-guard when she suggested that she had no intention of supporting a debt ceiling increase.  The comments led Bloomberg and others to speculate that Democrats were looking to somehow tie a debt ceiling vote to blocking the President's tax plan, presumably a non-starter for Republicans.

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State Corporate Tax Receipts Just Crashed The Most Since The Recession

After flatlining for the past year, US income tax receipts - both at the federal government and on a state and local level - have been disappointing, and have posted a sharp drop since the start of the year, which is "sounding an alarm about the health of the US economy" in BofA's words (in addition to the countless other alarms about the health of the economy, which however are ignored due to the record stock market).

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