It is the 26th of June 2017


Biggest Subprime Auto Lender Skipped Income Verification On 92% Of Auto Loans

We first introduced readers to the "New Century of auto finance" (aka "Santander Consumer USA") several years ago when we first took note of their aggressive auto ABS facilities.  In fact, here is a quick look at one of their ABS deals from 2015 which sported an average FICO of 595, LTV of 110%, APR of 16.2% and a term of 70 months. 

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February Auto Sales Mixed As Incentive Spending And Inventory Days Both Surge

Auto sales posted a slight headline miss for February 2017 with an actual SAAR of 17.5mm vs. expectations of 17.7mm, despite a huge surge in incentive spending YoY.  Individual company results were decidedly mixed with GM and Ford both posting small beats while Chrysler/Toyota/Honda missed.

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US Household Debt Rose To $12.6 Trillion In 2016: Biggest Jump In A Decade

While it does not contain any new information to those who track the monthly, G.19, consumer credit releases by the Fed, the quarterly NY Fed report on Household Debt and Credit Developments provides a convenient one-stop summary of quarterly changes in household finances. What the latest report issued this morning revealed, is that total US household debt jumped in Q4 driven by increases in credit card debt, auto and student loans, and a Q4 surge in mortgage originations, and as of December 31, 2016, stood at $12.58 trillion, a $226 billion (1.8%) increase from the third quarter of 2016. For the full year 2016, total household debt rose by $460 billion, the biggest annual increase in a decade.

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December Auto Sales Jump To Record 18.4 Million SAAR As Light Truck Sales Surge

After Ford warned that North American auto sales had reached a plateau a few months ago, December 2016 auto sales blasted through that plateau to reach all-time record highs.  At a seasonally adjusted selling rate of 18.4mm units, the December SAAR broke through the "plateau" of 18.0mm units set in November of last year...

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