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"I'm Unemployed": Scaramucci Finds Himself In Post-Trump Limbo

It started off so promising for Anthony Scaramucci: a prominent supporter of Donald Trump, even when nobody else believed in last November's shocking outcome, the former SkyBridge president was considered a shoo-in to a high profile position in the new White House, which prompted him to conduct an accelerated, and according to some questionable, sale of his SkyBridge Capital fund of funds to Chinese billionaire investor Chen Feng, which netted the Mooch over $100 million.

Then, one month ago we reported that seemingly having lost his access to the Trump inner circle, according to the WSJ Scaramucci was contemplating starting an asset-management company with Jon Najarian.

So what is the Mooch doing now?

“I’m unemployed,” Scaramucci told Bloomberg TV during a Tuesday interview. “My status is still unchanged. I’m still about five to six weeks away from closing my transaction.”

Bloomberg confirms that for the past several months, "Scaramucci’s role in the Trump administration has been murky. In January, the media reported he would be named an adviser to Trump and head the White House office of public engagement. But no job has materialized and the administration last month appeared to pass him over for that post."

In retrospect, Scaramucci may have done the wisest thing: used the "job" in the Trump admin as a justification to sell his fund of funds, serving an industry in rapid decline, to some rather questionable buyers - including Chinese conglomerate HNA Group, and the little-known RON Transatlantic, without ever having to brave the public sector, nor the Goldman alumni that run the Trump administration.

And, addition to having a $100 million extra in his bank, Scaramucci retains Trump's gratitude: having made numerous appearances defending Trump’s positions on issues from immigration to trade, he has also raised eyebrows when he compared Trump aide and son-in-law Jared Kushner to Alexander Hamilton.

As for his next job, Scaramucci was traditionally laconic: "For my next job, stay tuned" he told Bloomberg.

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