It is the 27th of May 2017


As SNAP Bounces On 13Fs, This Is How Long It Took Recent Tech Companies To Lose Their IPO Price

Investors are piling into Snap Inc. today (up over 7%) after hedge fund 13Fs over the weekend showed Appaloosa, Third Point, Soros, and Blackrock (among others) were all holders of the 'camera' company at the end of Q1...

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Was Asia's Largest Commodity Trader The Big Silver Seller?

We first brought the world's attention to Noble Group in 2015, as commodity markets crashed and what was Asia's largest commodity trader faced near-bankrutpcy as trading partners lost faith, bonds were dumped, and CDS protection was bid. In the months since, panic subsided and everything  - as it always seems to have been - was fine... until last week!!

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'Resistance' Builds As Hillary Unveils "Onward Together" Group To Help People Run For Office

After proclaiming herself "an activist citizen and part of the resistance," and by definition - absolutely not part of the establishment? - Hillary Clinton has unveiled her latest fund-raising vehicle - Onward Together to "champion the vision that earned 66 million votes in the last election."

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Hedge Funds Dump Gold Longs By The Most On Record

Hedge funds dumped almost $6 billion notional in gold futures last week.

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El-Erian: "All This Could Lead To Some Unpleasant Market Outcomes"

Stability breeds instability – this was economist Hyman Minsky‘s lasting contribution to the craft.  The Minsky Moment , popularized during the 07-09 US housing crisis, basically suggests breeding animal spirits too long creates systemic problems. Essentially, the ongoing rises in asset prices creates the sense of a new paradigm, that the elevated activity was safe, and home prices couldn’t fall.. that didn't end well.

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