It is the 17th of January 2018


Walmart Abruptly Closing Dozens Of Sam's Club Stores, Firing Thousands On Same Day It Raised Minimum Wages

Wal-Mart was quick to make a media splash with the news that it was raising the starting hourly wages to $11/hour, expanding employee benefits and offering worker bonuses of up to $1000 in response to the Trump tax cuts; it was far more covert, however, with the news that on the very same day it was also closing hundreds of Sam's Club stores nationwide and laying off thousands of workers according to numerous media reports.

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Julian Assange Granted Ecuadorian Passport Day After Veiled Eviction Threat

Julian Assange has been granted an Ecuadorian passport, just one day after threatening to evict him from their London Embassy, according to a report in Ecuador's largest newspaper and confirmed by ZeroHedge

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Moody's Warns Washington - USA Credit Rating At Risk Over Trump Tax Cuts

Moody's is the first of the major ratings agencies to venture some commentary on the impact of Trump tax reform on the US credit rating.

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Has China Been Quietly Selling US Treasurys: Here Is The Answer

Following today's blockbuster, if still unconfirmed, report from Bloomberg that China is contemplating slowing or halting outright the purchase of US Treasurys in retaliation for an escalating trade confrontation with the US, which in turn led to a modest, if brief, selloff across the curve, some have asked if this is merely posturing or if China is actually ready to pull the plug.

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Brinks Reports Mysterious $11 Million Gold Shipment Heist

Over the past year, we reported several brazen, and very significant, gold thefts, usually occurring in broad daylight, among which"

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