It is the 27th of May 2017


White House On Lockdown After Fence Jumped Again, Suspect In Custody

While details are sparse, the U.S. Secret Service has just placed the White House on lockdown after yet another fence jumper decided to hop over the bike rack along the North Fence Line of Penn Ave..  The suspect has since been taken into custody.

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WTI/RBOB Extened Losses After Unexpected Crude Build

After last week's API (and subsequent DOE) inventory data sparked the latest hopeful pump higher in the energy complex, this week's API data disappointed. WTI and RBOB porices slipped lower after an unexpected crude build (+882k vs -2.67mm exp).

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Height Securities Begins Contemplating "Impeachment": Here's What To Look For

After the latest diplomatic scandal involving Donald Trump, which unleashed a frenzy of allegations that Trump is either a traitor or too dumb to govern for sharing allegedly confidential data to the Russian foreign minister, the angry response by Democrats - many of whom now demand hearings, transcripts, or worse - was predictable. What was unexpected was the loud criticism by some very prominent republican senators.

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Confusion Ensues After Berkshire Reveals What Buffett Bought And Sold In Q1

There were at least two confusing items about Berkshire's just released 13-F filing.

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