It is the 22nd of September 2017


Are "Social Justice Warrior Trustees" Accelerating America's Pension Collapse? (Hint: Yes)

A few days ago we highlighted the reckless efforts of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to force their city's pension managers to ignore their fiduciary duties and dump nearly $500 million worth of energy stocks.  Of course, the pressure to sell had nothing to do with financial projections, trading multiples or discounted cash flow analyses but rather was a blatant and irresponsible attempt to push the board's political agenda irrespective of the ultimate financial consequences such actions might have to pensioners and tax payers (see: What Fiduciary Duty? San Fran Politicians Try To Force Pension To Dump $470MM Of "Fossil Fuel" Stocks).

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97 Million American Workers Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck

As we’ve noted time and time again, the number of Americans scraping by with almost no money in their savings account (if they even have a savings account) is staggeringly high - and growing.

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Gold Jumps After Mnuchin Says "Less Concerned About Inflation Than Economic Growth"

In a potentially revealing glimpse of what is to come from the next Fed head, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, speaking during a Politico forum, told the audience:

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