It is the 17th of January 2018


Bitcoin Mining Fees Soar As China Crackdown Progresses

South Korea’s lawmakers and Ministry of Finance have reportedly shot down a crypto-trading ban proposed by the South Korean Ministry of Justice (since more than 2 million South Koreans own bitcoin, such a ban would inevitably lead to many retail traders booking heavy losses).

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Kentucky Becomes First State To Adopt Medicaid Work Requirements

As was widely expected, Kentucky received approval Friday to require many Medicaid recipients in its state to work in order to receive coverage - making it the first state to try and restrict access to the popular social welfare program under the administration’s new policy, Fox News reports.

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Assange Tweets Famous Chess Match Depicting "Safe White King" One Day After Ecuador Grants Citizenship

One day after Julian Assange was granted Ecuadorian citizenship, the Wikileaks founder tweeted a cryptic picture of a famous 1918 chess match in which Cuban chess master José Raúl Capablanca defeats U.S. champion Frank Marshall using a pawn. 

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