It is the 21st of March 2018


Engineer Reported Cracks On Miami Bridge Days Before Deadly Collapse

Police in Miami-Dade County successfully removed two vehicles with three bodies inside from the rubble of Thursday's pedestrian bridge collapse near the campus of Florida International University, according to Miami-Dade police Director Juan Perez.

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Bitcoin Tumbles After Mt.Gox Trustee Denies Massive Sales Affected Prices

Having bounced out of the "mystery dip-buyer" zone below $8,000, Bitcoin is back below it this afternoon, erasing Friday's spike...

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Comey Rips Trump: "Soon" Americans "Can Judge For Themselves Who Is Honorable And Who Isn't"

Just hours after former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe was fired, his former boss FBI director James Comey joined the fray and ripped President Trump, warning cryptically that Americans will" soon" be able to "judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not."

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Kremlin Furious After Boris Johnson Accuses Putin Of Murder

Earlier today we reported that the world got that much closer to a second Cold War after Russia said it would expel UK diplomats in retaliation to Theresa May's decision to kick out 23 Russians, while expanding its "blacklist" of US citizens in response to yesterday's Treasury sanctions. That's when things turned south fast because roughly at that time, the U.K.’s top diploma, Boris Johnson, directly accused Vladimir Putin, saying it was “overwhelmingly likelythat he personally ordered the nerve-agent attack on British soil.

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Facebook Forced To Apologize After "Video Of..." Autocomplete Search Result Stuns Users

Facebook has been forced to apologize after it spent hours suggesting bizarre, disturbing, and upsetting searches to users on Thursday night.

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