It is the 22nd of September 2018


Amazon To Open 3,000 Cashierless Convenience Stores By 2021

Retail workers who are pushing for higher wages better take notice: Amazon is preparing to put their bosses out of business.

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The Market Is "Sandbagging Us" - Mark Spitznagel Sees "Deeper & Deeper" Crashes Ahead

Universa Investments LP founder, Mark Spitznagel, discusses the lessons learned from the 2008 financial crisis, warning Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker that the current stock market exuberance is "sandbagging" investors again, just like it did in previous crises, but reminds that while "monetary intervention is a Faustian bargain," everyone knows you can’t fight the Fed,

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Tilray Plummets From All Time High, Halted 5 Times

Update 3: TLRY is now tumbling after hours, down some $40 from its closing price of $214.06

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Are Media Matters And George Soros Behind The Social Media Purge?

A nearly two-year-old document reportedly issued by 'Media Matters for America' lays out a plan for “defeating Trump” and Republicans over the next four years.

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Tesla DOJ Probe Getting Wider, May Piggyback On SEC Subpoenas

As we reported yesterday, the Department of Justice is looking into Tesla for wrongdoing as part of a "criminal probe". The investigation was reportedly spurred by Elon Musk's early August tweet in which he stated that he had "funding secured" for a bid to take Tesla private at $420 per share. But now it’s being reported that the Department of Justice inquiry into the company may wind up heading in other directions, possibly opening up a "Pandora's box", if they are given enough new strings to pull on as a result of their initial look into the company.

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