It is the 24th of March 2019


Plunge-Protectors Rescue Stocks & The Dollar; Bonds & Bullion Not Buying It

After The Fed folded in the most aggressively dovish manner ever, the dollar and stocks rebounded heroically today - as if nothing had happened - while Treasury yields shrugged off the plunge protection team's plans and reflected Powell's clearly dismal economic expectations...

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Has Passive Investing Gone 'Full Communism?' Negative-Fee ETF A 'Bottoming-Out Point' In Price War

As competition for AUM growth among the world's largest ETF managers has intensified over the past few years, triggering a 'race to the bottom' in passive-fund fees, many suspected that it was only a matter of time before a fund manager hit upon the genius marketing tactic of simply offering investors in a fledgling fund payment for AUM.

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Gucci Is Selling $870 Sneakers That Look Dirty

How much would Zerohedge readers spend for a dirty-looking pair of sneakers? Well, these new stylish shoes from Gucci aren't dirty nor originate from the slums of San Francisco streets, but they were designed and manufactured in Italy to have a "distressed" appearance (perhaps they did not qualify for the ECB's QE).

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