It is the 15th of November 2018


Silver Cheapest To Gold In 25 Years - Watch China

With decelerating global (most notably Chinese) economic growth curbing industrial demand for silver just as gold benefits from financial market volatility-inspired safe-haven appeal - amid tightening tightening financial conditions - Silver is the cheapest to gold since 1993 as slowing economic growth clouds the outlook for metals with industrial uses.

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Crude Carnage Kills Equity Dead-Cat-Bounce, Bond Yields Tumble

Chatter of a commodity fund liquidation did nothing to help what everyone hoped would be an excited dip-buying opportunity in stocks today...

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Schumer And Nelson Accuse Rick Scott Of Trying To "Bully" His Way To Victory; Demand Immediate Recusal

Update: Attorneys for Senator Bill Nelson's campaign filed a lawsuit Tuesday afternoon seeking to extend the recount deadline. 

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In Latest Shock To Beijing, Chinese Credit Growth Is Lowest On Record

In recent months, China has been desperate to inject more credit into its financial system and failing that, to at least give the impression it is doing that. Recall that last month the PBoC adjusted its definition of aggregate financing (or Total Social Financing) by including net financing through local government special bond issuance, which in turn took place just two months after it added asset-backed securities (ABS) and non-performing loan write-offs into this measure.

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