It is the 22nd of May 2018


Druckenmiller Joins Tech Party: Adds To Amazon, Buys Netflix; Dumps Facebook, Energy

It will hardly come as a surprise to anyone that in the quarter in which the Harvard endowment added just 3 tech stocks - Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet - which ended up amounting to 72% of the fund's entire portfolio, and on the same day when the latest BofA Fund Manager Survey revealed that for 4 consecutive months, Wall Street saw "Long FAANG+BAT" as the most crowded trade...

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Argentina "Successfully" Rolls Debt - Sells 5-Year Note At Massive 20% Yield

So there's success and there's 'success' and while Argentine officials are proclaiming victory in managing to roll its best, saying it "couldn't have got a bigger vote of confidence," the fact that it could only sell the new bonds at 20% yields is perhaps the more important fact...

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Giuliani Says White House Will Use Anniversary Of Mueller Probe To Try And Shut It Down

It's amazing that President Donald Trump still allows Rudy Giuliani to step within 20 feet of a microphone - let alone give revealing, off-the-cuff interviews to national media outlets that have alternatively contradicted the White House official narrative and revealed key elements of the Trump legal team's strategy. Today it was the latter, as Giuliani reportedly said in an interview that the administration is going to use the one-year anniversary of the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's appointment by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to pressure him into ending the probe once and for all, Bloomberg reports.

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WTI/RBOB Drop After Surprise Crude Build

After clinging to the green all day, despite a strong dollar, WTI/RBOB slipped into the red after API reported a much bigger than expected (and surprise) crude build (+4.854mm vs -1.75mm exp).

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It's Not China That's Liquidating US Treasuries

Recent fears, warranted or not about the potential for retaliatory liquidation by China of its US Treasury holdings appear to have been once again vastly exaggerated because according to the latest TIC data released, America's trade-war nemesis added $11 billion in TSYs in March, bringing its total to a 5 month high, following the addition of $8.5 billion in March, and nearly $100 billion higher over the past year.

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