It is the 19th of April 2019


Pound Tumbles As Commons Again Rejects All Proposals In 2nd 'Indicative Vote'

Update 2: Despite some rumors that the Nick Boles proposed Common Market 2.0 might garner a majority of votes with some Tory remainers and the SNP supporting it and Labour deciding to whip for it, once again, all four of the options tabled in Monday's indicative vote - the second in less than a week - have been rejected.

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The Scapegoating Continues: Programmer Who Built "Flash Crash Trader" Software Goes On Trial

Nearly nine years have passed since the May 6, 2010 flash crash - when the Dow plunged nearly 1,000 points within minutes, before swiftly recovering most of the loss - yet the scapegoating of those alleged to be responsible by the CFTC continues.

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Second Biden Accuser Emerges As Rep Calls Accusations Of Creepy Behavior 'Smears And Forgeries'

On Monday, a Connecticut woman claims that Biden touched her inappropriately and "rubbed noses" with her during a 2009 political fundraiser in Greenwich. 

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China "Green Shoots" Spark Global Optimism Despite US Retail Apocalyft

China's manufacturing PMI surged overnight back above 50, "proving" that all that stimulus hype has finally fixed the Chinese economy - sparking stock and commodity buying worldwide as a reflation-fest sent bond yields reeling higher.

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